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We are offering 4 framing options: oak, painted black, painted white and gold. All finishes are executed by our craftsmen using traditional materials and techniques, each frame made to order

Each frame is 30mm deep and 20mm wide


We use a thick antique white mount board to give the frame a more contemporary feel measuring at 2.4mm deep/thick


We only use vegan and cruelty free archival quality pigment based inks

Paper – Hahnemuhle Hemp 290gsm

Acid Free, Lignin free and Free from OBA’s

We use a paper that is 60% Hemp and 40% cotton which is a resource saving material.  This paper is known for its long lasting qualities hence being used as the paper of choice for the Gutenburg Bible and US Declaration of Independence.

Hemp is a weed so it grows plentiful and no need for pesticides or fertilisers.  Not only that but growing a crop takes up less space than trees and it produces more pulp per acre than trees! Importantly it is biodegradable, it returns nutrients to the soil and sequestering  lots of carbon dioxide from the environment.

The huge advantage is that the whole plant can be used – the storks fibre can be made into textiles, rope and its core can be used for paper, construction or even animal bedding.  The seeds are high in protein and Omega-3 fats and can also be used for paints.  The leaves are delicious in a juice too!

Styrene instead of Glass:

We do not use glass, instead we use 1.2mm styrene, and a larger 2mm acrylic for larger print sizes (A1 and above). This is excellent for safer shipping, and you would never know the difference.

Send a message from our contact page to make an enquiry for bespoke framing options.